Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Oh, I hate politics! I should change my home page so that it goes to something nice, like posted by lottie at

Monday, February 10, 2003

I'm up terribly early, I know...I could feel the slightest twinge of a sore throat~~argh!

This weekend was good for organizing~I puts TONS of DMC floss onto tiny white plastic bobbins~slow work, but worth the effort! I love to cross-stitch when things are neatly organized. My husband is a marvel of organization. *sigh*

I'm drinking some green tea & I don't think I will ever like it. Maybe if I bought the really *nice* green tea and drank it in one of their pretty gaiwans... In the meantime, give me my chunky Nicholas Mosse mug and a nice black tea & I'm in heaven! Try Harneys, yum!

No knitting, a touch of cross-stitch, and a dusting of snow.

Saturday, February 08, 2003

I've finished up the LionBrand moss stitch scarf today, it's quite pretty :)
I drank more tea than knit today, it just seemed like a tea day rather than a knitting day. Usually the two go together. Now, I'm sitting here, blogging, with Mabel D on my lap (she's the tiger striped "old maid" puss with green eyes) she's biting my arm, you know, that jiggly bit on the back of women's arms?? At first it tickles, but she bites harder and harder each time. She doesn't listen when I tell her to stop.

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Today is the first day of writting on my blog (I was thinking it should be called BLAH as in BLAH BLAH BLAH) anyway, I am busy with 3 scarves. A silk scarf for me, it is in Filatura di Crosa Luxury yarn Poppy color. It is very bright but has a sherbet softness to it, almost like a nice lipstick. I am working in size 7 (US) needles and making it almost lacy.

My other is another Filatura di Crosa in Cashmere yarn, Lilac color. This is for my friend Nancy. I am making it in a basketweave pattern, I need another ball of yarn to finish it though~~that's $45 at www.yarnco.com but she's a dear friend.

My 3d scarf is LionBrand (big $$ difference) Chunky Wool-Ease in Willow. I like the soft color. I am using 10.5 (US) needles and practicing my moss stitch. I like the back and forth flow of moving the yarn to make the moss stitch. I hold my right needle under my arm (I'm a lefty, this way is easier) and I move along quite quickly doing this. But, why do moss stitch directions say KNIT the PURLS & PURL the KNITS?? I tried that and I got a sort of ribbing stitch! Am I knitting completely wrong?? Anyway, I will continue KNITTING my KNITS and PURLING my PURLS & turning out a lovely moss stitch scarf!

I'm hoping to learn to spin soon. My favorite site (currently) is www.fiber2yarn.com I found her on amazon.com she has written reviews for a number of books on spinning, knitting &c. Her link was there, so I looked around. She has spinning wheels, fiber, yarn, and knitting needles (well, probably lots of other things too, but if I include them all, I may have to ask her for a small commission!) I'm hoping to buy some Brittany needles from here too! www.brittanyneedles.com ahh, aren't those lovely. It reminds me of a Malcolm McLaren song, all the pretty voices singing from Madame Butterfly & Malcolm says, "can you hear that, ain't that lovely" that's what I think of when I see those needles "ain't they lovely"??